Kumostat ("pronouced Koo-mo-stat”) is a cost effective cloud (kumo/くも in Japanese) connected thermostat that works with other cloud connected new KumoSensors and Wireless Sensor Tags currently in production. The iOS app and web interface allow you full control and automation of heating/AC at your home or apartment buildings from iPhone/iPads or any Web browser anywhere with Internet access.

With Kumostat, you can write your own algorithms or use those other people wrote (KumoApp), to automate the heating/AC/fan based on data from Wireless Sensor Tags. For example, you can "automatically turn off heat when sensor upstairs reports too hot", "set temperature at the room where the PIR sensor last sensed motion", "automatically turn off AC and turn on vent when outside sensor tag shows cooler temperature than inside sensor tag", or "turn off AC if door is left open or no motion is detected after a timeout". Take advantage of KumoApps that use location of your iOS and Android devices to automate heat/AC at your home: for example, you can "automatically turn off heat/AC when all of my family member's mobile device moved out of my house", or "turn on heat/AC when any family member's mobile device is about to get home".

PIR and Reed KumoSensors are currently shipping. While Kumostat hardware is under development, you can link your Honeywell WiFi Thermostats or Nest Thermostats with KumoSensors and Wireless Sensor Tags today to use nearly every Kumostat features advertised here on our iOS and Android/Web app.

Choosing the Temperature Sensor

Kumostats controls heat/AC using not only readings from its internal precision temperature/humidity sensor, but also temperature readings from any of the Wireless Sensor Tags (motion, water, contact or infra-red) in different rooms in your house or in your garage. You can choose which sensor one to use, or have a KumoApp automatically pick a temperature sensor for you.

PIR KumoSensor™:  
Wireless Infra-red + Temperature + Humidity Sensor

Kumostat works with your existing Wireless Sensor Tags utilizing their integrated temperature sensors. In addition, we introduce a new wireless infra-red (PIR) occupancy + high precision (+/-0.4°C) temperature + air humidty sensor "KumoSensor™".

Reed KumoSensor™:  Contact Based Door/Window + Temperature + Humidity Sensor

3D compass based Wireless Motion Sensor tags detect any angle change by itself, and can be installed on any moving part of door/window to allow detecting open/close. But they are not the most reliable way for monitoring door/window opend/closed status, as they report closed when the their angle returns to within a threshold, not when door/window is completely closed. Since they are based on periodic polling, if a window is opened and then closed quickly, it may miss the event.
The new Reed KumoSensor™ uses a low power contact-based door/window sensor to send you notification immediately when it is moved away from/back to a matching magnet piece, with 3~5x longer battery life.
Like other KumoSensors they integrate a high precision (+/-0.4°C) temperature and relative humidity sensor. In addition, you can attach an external water-proof temperature probe* using a screw driver.

*DS18B20 series, as an available option.

KumoApp: Instantly Links Kumostats, KumoSensors and Anything on the Web.

KumoApps are rules that run on the cloud. They work instantly without delay. Everything from as simple as "turn off AC when a window is open", to some of the very complex ones, can be configured with a few taps from your smartphone and tablets. Choose from tens of existing ones or define your own in Javascript.

Location based KumoApps

Some KumoApp can use the location of mobile devices of your choice as triggers. For example, "turn on AC/heat when any one of the phones gets close to a location", or "turn off AC/heat when all of the phones exit a region". Configure these rules easily using our iOS app. Without any KumoSensors, a Kumostat by itself and a Tag Manager (can be shared with other Kumostats) can automate your HVAC to cut the energy bills.

Turning on Heat, AC, and Fan on Linked Thermostats

The left handle (cold threshold) controls heat, drag it above the current temperature to turn on heat; the right handle (hot threshold) controls AC, drag it below the current temperature to turn on AC. When the temperature at specified sensor reaches within the "comfort zone" heat/AC are turned off.

100% Programmable Wiring.

  • Completely programmable wiring.

    Kumostat supports 3 stage heating and 2 stage cooling HVAC systems with fan and reverse valve (7 relays in total.)
    Completely programmable wiring allows the 7 relays to be assigned to any kind of desired function. For example, it can be configured to support HVAC systems with

    • 2 stage heating / 3 stage cooling
    • 2 stage heating / 2 stage cooling / 2 stage fan
    • 2 stage heating / 1 stage cooling / 3 stage fan

  • Solid state relays make Kumostat compact and silent.

    Most other thermostats use mechanical relays (switches) that may emit sound when turning on or off. Kumostat uses semiconductor (solid-state) relays that do not have any moving parts. Therefore, operation is completely silent. Our Patent pending circuit steals a small amount of energy from the HVAC control wires to turn on these solid-state relays, allowing long battery life from a single coin-cell battery, even if the blue "C" wire is not connected. The use of solid state relays and coin cell battery makes Kumostat thinner and smaller than other thermostats.

Assign the 7 relays to desired function for each heat/AC/fan level.

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